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Would you like to keep in touch with reality? Do you really spend that much time on performing the tasks that require your attention? Or do you need to keep track of the time you dedicate to each of your clients for easy billing purposes? 

Sitting behind the screen of your personal computer or laptop can be a quite demanding task. How can you keep track of the time you spend on each of your courses or projects in an easy manner?

For these reasons I have developed a prototype of a 3D TimeTracking Device! With 5 preprogrammable buttons, you can easily record start and ending of each session without losing focus. 

The results are a clear reduction of stress while working, less administrative work at the end of a working day and thus also a considerable gain in time.

For more information about the importance or the benefits of keeping track of tour working time, please consult the following article on: https://www.netwerkeconomie.org/2020/10/06/hoe-blijf-je-in-controle-over-je-tijd/


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